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Flower Care

Flower Care 101

Want your flowers to keep blooming for days and more? Or do you want to keep it dried? It's your choice.


Unwrap/Unbox The Packaging

Once you receive your pack/bouquet of flowers, you may open the packaging and unwrap the flowers (if you want the flowers to stay in bouquet, you may just cut few of the papers below. The purpose of this is to let your flowers breath as quick as possible before it starts withering.  Then you may put your flowers in a vase/bucket filled with water afterward.


Cut The Stems + Change The Water Regularly

In order to keep the freshness of your flowers, you have to be discipline : You have to cut the lower stems regularly (daily if it's needed) just cut 2-5 cm with 45 degree angle, thus your flowers would absorb the water faster. Also, you have to change the water every 2 days at least (daily if it's needed).

TIPS : Give your flowers some food

  • Put 1-2 drops of Bleach to the water (It kills the bacteria and moss that could wither your flowers faster)
  • Drop 1-2 teaspoons of sugar in order to give your flowers some nutrition
  • Drop 2-3 drops of regular kitchen vinegar in order to even the PH of the water with the flowers


Dry It Up!

After 1-2 weeks your flowers would start withering due to natural cause. But you did a great job for keeping it this long! (applause)
But there's more, you can actually keep the flowers forever by 'air-dry' your flowers. This is the how to :

  1. Tie your flowers together;
  2. Hang it upside down on a ceiling or ladder, try to avoid direct sunlight;
  3. Your flowers would dry in about 1-2 weeks, then that's all! Your flowers are officially eternal. Just take care of it, because sometimes it could be fragile.