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Our Difference

We Always Do Our Best

We want you to have the best flowers that you could have. Sadly, nature can’t guarantee all flowers could be 100% perfect. But there’s us, we put our 100% to make make sure our beloved customers happy and satisfied!

Our Products Are Meaningful

We believes that every flower has its own meaning. Therefore, we always try to arrange our flowers, not only to look pretty, but also to give your special one something meaningful.

We Are On Nature Side

We are commited to create an eco-friendly business environment. We don’t use any plastic in any of our produts, unless it’s cassava-based plastics. We don’t use irresponsible big plastic bag to cover your order or when we deliver our products. And we donated some fraction of our profits for nature-cause.

We Make It Easy For You

All in one place for every kind of flowers that you need. From same-day flower service, to private flower consultation for your special day. We are always here for your flower needs. We also offer our best bears, cards, and cookies to accompany your flowers and to make it easy for you!